Your learning partners

This programme is delivered by Dublin Institute of
Technology in partnership with Technology Ireland Software Skillnet.


Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) combines academic excellence with professional, career-oriented learning and research. The DIT College of Business is a leading provider of executive education witha distinctive approach to learning and teaching.


ISA SoftwareSkillnet

ISA Software Skillnet is the National Training Network for companies in the Software Technology sector. Lead by the Irish Software Association within Ibec, it provides funding to firms with software and technology functions to enhance and skills and boost competitiveness.

For a full range of programmes and grant-support available to companies see


Irish SoftwareAssociation

The Irish Software Association (ISA) is an Association within Ibec, which represents the Digital and Software Technology Sector. Member companies are a community of category-winning, scaling companies that want to transform the markets in which they operate.

Coursework and
learning philosophy

The award-winning partnership with the software technology sector has enabled the development of a curriculum which combines application to practice and learning from theory. Participants learn from live case studies, visualisation techniques and group exercises. The sharing of experiences and challenges with fellow participants from a diverse range of companies keeps the process dynamic and engaging.

Company-based assignments are embedded in coursework at both diploma and masters level. This serves the needs of the product manager in their day-to-day role by addressing live challenges in the workplace. It also generates an immediate return on investment for participating companies.

To deliver this one-of-a kind learning experience, DIT brings together a unique international faculty of renowned scholars, thought leaders, bestselling authors and leading edge practitioners.



companies have participated in the programmes


alumni across the product management community


of sector has engaged in the qualifications


awards for outstanding Achievement in sector development

Who should attend

The Postgraduate Diploma and MSc programmes are designed for executives who want to sharpen their product management competence and accumulate a wealth of experience in a pragmatic and time-efficient way, supported by a network of industry peers.

Children's Ministry

Practising product managers

who have a number of years’ experience and wish to bring their competencies to the next level.

Youth Ministry

Senior executives

in companies seeking to establish and develop a structured product management function.

Men's Ministry

Business architects

and those responsible for translating long-term strategic roadmaps into short to mid-term deliverables.

Women's Ministry

Aspiring product managers

who are working as business analysts or solutions consultants, or in product delivery and support functions.

Women's Ministry

Product owners

and those from engineering or design backgrounds who are transitioning to product management

Women's Ministry


who want to leverage product management practice in building their business.

Among the 90 companies who’ve participated


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