CS Aidan text

Aidan manages ding*’s commercial website offering, working with business stakeholders and the management team in defining the strategic direction, as well as new products and features. He is also responsible for championing the user and their experience on the web channel.

He works closely with the design team and with marketing on the definition of product features and tools for acquisition and retention initiatives. Other responsibilities include maintaining the product backlog in specific areas; gathering and documenting product requirements, and working with development teams to drive the lifecycle of new and existing products.

A couple of months after Aidan joined ding*, the Head of Product Management mentioned the ‘ISA Software Skillnet – DIT’ Postgraduate Diploma and felt it would be a good route to an expert grounding in the subject.

“I was confident in my ability to do my day-to-day work, but I was motivated by a desire to find out more about some of the complex issues around product management. It requires such a broad range of skills, and I wanted professional grounding in the subject matter.”

With regard to specific benefits gained from the programme, he says:

“The programme lecturers include some of the world’s leading authorities in product management. We got some fantastic frameworks during the course – for example, best practice approaches to new product development. I learned that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Everything is context specific. I am now more informed and more knowledgeable in the space. The programme offers a unique perspective in critical aspects of product management.

 “Networking with peers has been excellent. While you are in class, you can listen carefully to how other people are tackling problems. They come up with solutions that wouldn’t necessarily occur to me. It’s the benefit of being able to put questions to others – we are all faced with the same issues.”

“The Postgraduate Diploma and MSc programmes have given me a deeper understanding of the many facets of product management. The lecturers are thought leaders. So, now I have the knowledge and the frameworks to back up whatever approach I am recommending, whereas before I might have just gone with gut instinct.”

Aidan also highlights knowledge-sharing at the company level. “That aspect is fantastic. I share relevant articles from the lectures with the team in ding* and they also circulate articles that they’ve come across.

Who, in his view, is the course most suitable for? “Anyone who has a broad product management function in their company – such as product managers, product owners and business analysts.”

Does Aidan believe the Postgraduate Diploma delivered value for money? “Definitely! I have since recommended it to a colleague. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Masters programme either.”

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