Programme Briefings at Product Camp 2018

Come along to our briefings at Product Camp Dublin and avail of the opportunity to meet the Programme Team and hear from our graduates and students about their learning experience and outcomes:
Date: June 14th
Time: 12h.00 – 16h.00
Venue: Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier St., Dublin 2
Cost: Complimentary but booking is essential.
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Sector led

Commencing October 2017

Applied Learning

Succeed with professional product management

Our award-winning advanced qualifications provide certification for product managers while contributing in a very practical way to the development of companies.

The role of product management is to optimise the performance of the product, or product line, across its lifecycle. Product managers typically work at the confluence of the business, the market and technology and make a vital contribution to the strategic and financial goals of the company.


The programmes are designed through a strategic partnership with the software sector to meet the needs of both experienced and aspiring product managers. The curriculum is laser focused on commercialisation to deliver real business impact, drawing on the latest advances in product management thinking.

Participants are equipped with new skills and tools to drive improved product management performance. Analysis and insights are translated into practical in-company results through a series of applied assignments. Essential research based frameworks enhance product management strategy and practice within participating companies to deliver a speedy return on investment.

Your learning partners

This programme is delivered by Dublin Institute of
Technology in partnership with Technology Ireland Software Skillnet.


Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) combines academic excellence with professional, career-oriented learning and research. The DIT College of Business is a leading provider of executive education with a distinctive approach to learning and teaching.


Technology Ireland Software Skillnet

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet is the National Training Network for the companies in the Software Technology sector. Lead by Technology Ireland, it provides funding to firms with software technology functions to enhance skills and boost competitiveness. For a full range of programmes and grant aid available see

Technology Ireland

Technology Ireland is the largest and most influential business organisation representing Ireland’s tech sector. With origins dating back to 1968, the association was formed in 2017 by the merger of ICT Ireland and the Irish Software Association.
Its membership is made up of the leading Irish-owned and FDI players in the Irish technology sector. The network is structured around a series of core working groups, member forums and networking events.

Postgraduate Diploma modules

Programmes for experienced and aspiring product managers who want to develop their skills and reinforce their practice with proven frameworks.

Strategy and Business Models

Strategy and Business Models

• Analyse your portfolio from the perspective of the global competitive environment.
• Develop product strategies to meet your growth challenges.
• Identify opportunities to create differentiable value, and drive business model innovation.

Innovation and Technology Management

Innovation and Technology Management

• Understand technology cycles and identify market discontinuities.
• Learn how to align your business strategy with product strategy for the medium and longer term.
• Drive value creation through roadmapping.

Customer and Market Analysis

Customer and Market Analysis

• Master context-driven research, including how to scope, plan and execute market research.
• Embed process, business and market retrospectives.
• Learn to build buyer profiles and product propositions.

Business Case and Pricing

Business Case and Pricing

• Refine your analytical skills.
• Master the fundamentals of pricing.
• Build evidence-based business cases.

Product Management System and Process

Product Management System and Process

• Accelerate product commercialisation.
• Discover emerging practices in product design and delivery.
• Analyse opportunities and risks in the context of your portfolio.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

• Employ design thinking methods to match market needs with technological feasibility and business viability.
• Accelerate problem-solving and discovery using structured, repeatable protocols.

Strategic Customer Management

Strategic Customer Management

  • Design routes to market.
  • Navigate the dynamics of the sales function
  • Develop frameworks to select, manage and motivate channel partners.

Leadership and Personal Development

Leadership and Personal Development

• Gain expert perspectives on team management and cross-functional dynamics.
• Understand personality traits and their impact.
• Explore leadership strategies.

Strategic Negotiation and Communication

Strategic Negotiation and Communication

• Sharpen your negotiation skills.
• Strengthen your leadership and communication style.
• Enhance your ability to influence multiple stakeholders and obtain buy-in from others.

Applied project

Participants craft a major, company based project to address identified business challenges. The project incorporates frameworks for analysis and the implementation of recommendations. Project options include:
• Strategic Product-Market Plan
• Innovation Audit
• Product Lifecycle Review

MSc modules

Additional MSc Modules are designed to develop your strategic competence and advance your analytical rigor.

International Strategic Management

International Strategic Management

• Advance your understanding of global strategy development and implementation.
• Evaluate strategic choices in the multi-national and small business contexts.

Strategic Technology Management

Strategic Technology Management

  • Assess technology diffusion and technology improvement.
  • Analyse the factors affecting technology cycles in your industry.
  • Compare the advantages of early and late market entry.
  • Understand the distinction between strategic aspiration and achieving fit between form strategy and current resources.

Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods

• Develop approaches for systematic enquiry and analytical rigour in product management.
• Reinforce your ability to test and generate theory through empirical research.
• Enhance problem- solving and decision-making skills.



The dissertation offers the opportunity to consolidate and integrate programme learning. It leverages the company context, to deliver business impact through targeted engagement with product management theory and practice.

Coursework and
learning philosophy

The award-winning partnership with the software technology sector has enabled the development of a curriculum which combines application to practice and learning from theory. Participants learn from live case studies, visualisation techniques and group exercises. The sharing of experiences and challenges with fellow participants from a diverse range of companies keeps the process dynamic and engaging.

Company-based assignments are embedded in coursework at both diploma and masters level. This serves the needs of the product manager in their day-to-day role by addressing live challenges in the workplace. It also generates an immediate return on investment for participating companies.

To deliver this one-of-a kind learning experience, DIT and the ISA have brought together a unique international faculty of renowned scholars, thought leaders, bestselling authors and leading edge practitioners.



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Who should attend

The Postgraduate Diploma and MSc programmes are designed for executives who want to sharpen their product management competence and accumulate a wealth of experience in a pragmatic and time-efficient way, supported by a network of industry peers.

Children's Ministry

Practising product managers

who have a number of years’ experience and wish to bring their competencies to the next level.

Youth Ministry

Senior executives

in companies seeking to establish and develop a structured product management function.

Men's Ministry

Business architects

and those responsible for translating long-term strategic roadmaps into short to mid-term deliverables.

Women's Ministry

Aspiring product managers

who are working as business analysts or solutions consultants, or in product delivery and support functions.

Women's Ministry

Product owners

and those from engineering or design backgrounds who are transitioning to product management

Women's Ministry


who want to leverage product management practice in building their business.

Among the 90 companies who’ve participated